Free dental care for kids: Which treatments are covered by a medicare card?

On Jan 13, 2018 / By Chantal

She always puts my comfort first.”

The best dentist I have ever been to. She has always puts my comfort first at each visit and makes sure that I have the best smile possible. You can clearly tell she is passionate about what she does and cares a lot about your satisfaction. I am so happy to have found a dentist like her.

Josh Pool

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She has a caring approach.”

Chantal replaced one of my old silver fillings with gold. She took time to help me choose what was the best for me. I highly recommend her as she has a human and caring approach.

Sébastien Lemay

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I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

Loved Dr. Chantal! She was so kind and patient with my two girls (age 2 and 4), they are now asking to go back to the dentist for their birthdays! Thanks Dr. Chantal for making them so comfortable and happy during their cleaning and exam- as a mom, I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Sophie Vallée-Smejda

My favourite part about being a dentist is getting to know the families that I care for through my work. I am passionate about prevention and always aim to do what is best for my patients.

Being a general dentist is fulfilling because it allows me to contribute my talent in a variety of ways; creatively guiding a child through their first dental treatment, or producing high quality long-lasting gold fillings, or connecting with a patient with special needs to build a foundation for great oral health.


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245 Avenue Victoria, Suite 700
Westmount, QC, H3Z 2M6

Clinique Dentaire Abadi

Family dentist for adults and children

(514) 735-9242


Wouldn't it be a dream to have your children say that they love their dentist and want to stay to play longer at the dental office? A visit to Dr Czerednikow makes that happen! She is such a fantastic dentist who takes the time to thoroughly explain what is happening and provide various options.

Natalie Dupuis

Academy of Tucker Study Clubs

Completed Masterclass in gold cast restorations

University of Louisville

Mini-Residency in Developmental Dentistry at Lee Specialty Clinic

Centre for Innovation

Dental care for individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

Montreal Children’s Hospital

Dental care for children of all ages

McGill University

Teaching dental students about paediatric and special needs dentistry

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